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  The Famous Rotisserie & Grill is the destination of choice for people looking for great fast food restaurants in Valley Stream, NY and Silver Spring, MD. Whether you're looking for great fast food or a friendly atmosphere, Famous Rotisserie & Grill has it all. From the moment you walk in our doors you'll be greeted by our gracious, accommodating staff and assured the perfect dining experience.

From the very beginning, we've always had an appreciation for flavorful chicken to feed our friends and families. We're not your typical chicken restaurant. At Famous Rotisserie & Grill, spice and seasonings are tasted throughout our chicken, not just on the outside. We offer a variety of chicken recipes: traditional hand-breaded, citrus grilled & very soon extra crispy. Our sides are prepared in the kitchen, not a factory. Our warm, delicious food is brought directly to your table and served with real plates and silverware. It's care and craft you can taste in every bite.

Everything on our menu is made from scratch and on-site each and every day.

Whenever possible and in season, locally sourced produce and ingredients are used. 
Our chicken is cooked in the Mexican "rostisado" style. With our special marinade and multi-hour cooking process, the chicken we serve is tender and juicy with a prominent citrus flavor profile.

The end result is a quality meal at a fast food price.

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